Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 22 of Thanksgiving

Today I am thankful for:

My bathtub!!!

Not only is my bathtub a place of relaxation, but it is also a place of healing-literally!! 

Today I got online to check on a prescription that I needed refilled before I head up to Redding. I couldn't remember what the prescription number was, so I had to go to previous ones to find it. I came across an old prescription for prednisone<-- used when my eczema got really bad! I checked the date to see when my last dosage was...exactly one year ago from today!!!!! Now I'm sure you're wondering how my bathtub plays into this! Well I posted in a previous blog, but I'll reiterate because I'm SO thankful!!

Last November when I went on yet another round of prednisone my new dermatologist recommended bleach baths!!! Now I know this sounds crazy, but in all reality its basically like creating my own swimming pool! haha I'm not sure exactly what the bleach does to the eczema...but it works WONDERS!!! I take a bleach bath about 2-3x a week and am so amazed at what it does! 

I am SO SO SO SO thankful for my bathtub and the healing God has brought to me! :)

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