Wednesday, November 2, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving

"Thanksgiving was never meant 
to be shut up in a single day"
--Robert Caspar Lintner

With Thanksgiving just around the corner-so it feels like-I have decided to gear my blog towards that for the next 30 (err 28 days since I'm 2 days late) <--haha sounds like female problems!! for the next 28 days I will blog each day about what I was thankful for that day! Here I go...

Today I am thankful for:


My parents just bought a MacBook Air--thanks to my husbands wonderful discount--so now we can iChat/FaceTime with each other!! But more importantly Wesley gets to "see" his Grandpa & Grandma every day! I am very close to my parents and we talk on a daily basis. So being able to "see" them whenever I want is totally something to be thankful for :)

Like our crazy faces?

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