Sunday, July 14, 2013

Past, Present, and Future

January 8th I made one of the best decisions I've ever made. I decided to make a lifestyle change regarding my health. I know I've already gone into what my change entailed in my previous blog Fit vs. Skinny but I wanted to update my blog not only for the few readers I have but also to document my fitness journey for myself.

This picture was taken the day I started the Beachbody program Insanity. All 5'4 160lbs of me. I am not going to sugar coat anything, this program was ridiculously hard. It was not easy to push play for 60 days straight, but I did it! I did this without anyone keeping me accountable! I say this because if I can do it, so can you!!! I ended the program 15lbs lighter and here is my progress pic:

The weeks leading up to finishing Insanity I started thinking "ok after I finish this, whats next?" I don't have a gym membership but the community I live in has a clubhouse gym. Thanks to the wonderful "fitfam" (fitness friends) I have on Instagram I decided to add weight training to the cardio I had planned on doing. Here is my back picture the day I finished Insanity:

I am so GRATEFUL to the fitness friends I have made via Instagram They have encouraged me in so many ways, but most importantly in regards to weight training. I was able to do 32 consecutive pushups the other day whereas during Insanity I could barely do 8 without feeling like I wasn't going to be able to push myself back up! Also, a couple of weeks ago I went to a fitness class where we previewed Shaun T's (insanity instructor) new workout program T25. As I was doing the jumps I wasn't dying 10 seconds in whereas during Insanity I would have been!

Many of my friends who are beginning their journey in weight lifting have asked me what my routine is so here goes: I start with 30 min on the treadmill. The treadmill is quite new for me as I was doing the elliptical. I've noticed I get a better workout on the mill vs. the elliptical so thats that! MWF I do arms, shoulders and back (M arms, W shoulders, and F back), then TT legs and gluteus (makes me laugh-I do both on TT because they are so closely related). Then I do abs everyday but do different areas each day. This is what works for me-may not be for you-and thats fine! After 4 months I finally feel good about my routine and here is my back progress after 4 months of weight training:

Tomorrow I start a my second Beachbody program T25. I am beyond excited to start this!! I will continue to do my weight training along side this as well as starting Shakeology! If you're interested in any of the programs Beachbody has to offer, contact my Coach and bestie Sonia here and she'll hook ya up! :)

I know a lot of you are hesitant to add weight lifting to your routine. I was most definitely, not because I thought I would look like this:
 but because I really didn't know where to start or what to do! I recommend doing your research! Also Pinterest is FULL of different ideas! Just remember...we all have/had to start somewhere-the most important thing is STARTING!

I'll be posting again after I finish T25... eeekk


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