Wednesday, April 10, 2013

This is your 5:30am wake up call...

I heard a commercial on the radio this evening on my way home from Target that went something like this..."what are you doing at 6am, I'm sleeping!" haha I had to laugh and yell "I'm at the freakin gym yo!"

Its true! Insanity should come with a disclaimer-upon finishing you will truly be insane! haha as I feel like only an insane person would look forward to working out that early! Yes there are days, like yesterday, where I hit the snooze like 3x! But all in all I do actually look forward to getting my butt up and getting in the gym
Arm day progress

I do arms/back on MWF and then legs/glutes on TT. I always warm up with 20 min of intense cardio on the elliptical. I read from one of my fitness people that I follow that if you can do more than 20 min of cardio on a machine you are not pushing yourself hard enough! Makes sense right? So I do an interval circuit that gradually gets harder and then eases off! Let me tell you I am a sweaty mess by the end!! haha but I feel great! Its a great way to kick start my weight lifting.

A little leg day action!
I cannot tell you how much my muscles have changed since I started weight lifting. Weight lifting isn't just for men anymore! My husband always jokes with me that I'm going to become this big ol' muscle woman! haha but that is simply not going to happen! I'm not taking steroids so its almost impossible for this to happen! The only thing I am taking prior to work outs is a drink called C4!  I HIGHLY recommend it for those of you who are looking to push yourself harder! It is a pre-workout intensifier and it does just that! Definitely intensifies the workout and allows me to push deeper in my workouts. Also I work out with a heart rate monitor which allows me to see my heart rate and push myself harder to be in that target range! Its called the polar ft4 and it is a MUST for me. I have left the house without it before and turned around to go get it! Also the last thing I think is a must have is a sweat band! I purchased mine at walmart for $4.97! :) I wear it around my stomach and it helps me sweat like CRAZY! haha

All of this to say...if you are on the fence about getting in shape...DO IT! Whether its an at home program such as Insanity or P90x or Jillian Michaels or WHATEVER the case may be just push play!! Or if you are more interested in getting out of the house and going to the gym set a goal for yourself. Everyone is different and has different goals in mind. But the common denominator between everyone is this: we all had to start with something! It may be little or big...but just START! :)

PS: One of my best friends has recently become a Beachbody coach! Beachbody is a great company-same company Insanity and P90x came from! If you need help getting started or motivation or getting their yummy shakes please contact her here: Beachbody Sonia Caramazza

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  1. Thanks for the shout out Booboo!!!
    So proud of all your hard work. You look freaking amazing!!! And have motivated me to get my butt off the couch a few times and "push play"