Friday, March 8, 2013

"Insanely" busy

Where or where has the time gone? This is a question I ask myself almost on a daily basis! It seems like there is never enough time in the day to accomplish all the things I need/want to!

My last post was about volleyball, so that is where I will pick up!

I am now co-coaching a club volleyball team. It started up in January and goes til May. We practice every Monday evening and Saturday mornings-if we don't have a tournament. Our tournaments are usually on Saturdays, however, some are on Sundays. They are ALL day events which makes for a very tiring day-but its definitely worth it and a lot of fun! The relationships I'm building with the girls is so special to me-I love them all and the different personalities they bring to the team.

Another thing that started in January was Insanity! haha no I did not go insane-although sometimes I felt like it! Insanity is a compilation of workout DVD's! It is a 60 day program that is super intense-hence the name Insanity! haha and let me tell you was INSANE! The first 2 weeks were pure hell...I seriously thought I couldn't do one more day! BUT...I pushed through it! There are 2 phases to the program. The first month is all about getting your endurance up!! Then you have a week of core balance which is such a welcome break from the crazy intense workout! However, its kind of a tease! haha I say this because its light work compared to the first month. So once the 2nd month starts its a RUDE awakening! The 2nd month is MAX everything! Max cardio, Max plyo, Max interval get the point! All of this to say I am HAPPY and PROUD to say I completed the 60 day challenge!!!!!

While doing this program I started posting my daily workouts on Instagram for accountability purpose. In doing this I found several other people who were doing the same workout! There is a whole community of "Insane" people on Instagram so it definitely helped keep me accountable. Another thing that helped was following different fitness people on Facebook and Instagram. A couple in particular combined weight lifting along with their cardio. Insanity is strictly cardio and "self" weight. So for the last 2 weeks of Insanity I added in weight lifting. I did/do Arms/Back on MWF and then Legs/booty on TT! I could tell a difference in my Insanity workouts once I added weight lifting. My pushups got stronger and my squats weren't super unbearable. Also in addition to lifting weights I most DEFINITELY cleaned up my eating habits! Lean meat such as chicken and salmon, and then a fresh veggie along with a sweet potato! I also incorporated protein shakes into my daily food intake!

Needless to say...I have drastically changed my way of living. I have been so amazed not only by my body transformation, but also by the way I feel! Working out and eating clean is no longer a chore to me, but rather a lifestyle! I don't sleep well if I don't work out-(Sundays are rest days with Insanity, but after about the 3rd Sunday I couldn't rest, I had to do something active!) I also feel like my immune system is much stronger because of my lifestyle change. Studies have shown that those who have an active lifestyle have stronger immune systems than those who don't...I'll definitely take that, who wouldn't? :) Not only do I feel great, but its also setting a great example to my child. He knows when mommy puts on her tennies that she's going to workout! haha its pretty cute, he even comes over ever so often and "does" the workout with me! :) I love being able to set that "active" lifestyle example for him.

I will leave you with my transformation photo. It is a collage of Day1, Day 30, and Day 60! My only regret is that I wish I would have incorporated eating cleaner and weight lifting right from Day1 instead of waiting til day 30! Oh well...better late than never! :)


  1. Lindsay, you look AMAZING!! Makes me want to start working out too. Maybe even quit smoking. Weight is so much harder to lose when you get older though :( You really do look great though, Congratulations on meeting your goal

  2. Congrats to you Lindsay!!! You look FANTASTIC!!! Thank you for the card. Appreciate your prayers, too!