Saturday, July 14, 2012

Night Life

The past couple of nights Wesley and I have had so much fun! He is very easily amused-just like his mommy-so it makes me job very easy! :)

I was getting a couple of things are Target when I came across these glow sticks for $1! I saw this thing on Pinterest where a lady put them in the bathtub so I thought I might try that. She obviously did NOT get her glow sticks in the Target $1 section because that idea totally sucked! haha But we did improvise and Wesley LOVED them...even more so when James came in the bathroom and they had a "light saber" fight! haha

These glow sticks were great for that night, but didn't make it past that night. Am I just imagining this thought from when I was younger...didn't we used to put them in the freezer and they would hold there "glow" longer??? I swear I can remember getting the glow headbands at like the Civic on 4th of July and coming home and putting them in the freezer. If indeed that is true...I guess I got what I paid for because after that one night they were toast!!

Since the glow sticks were so fun for him, tonight I decided to go with the flash lights! haha this kid LOVES to be scared and its so freakin fun! I gave him a flashlight and I had one myself. I told him he had to come find mommy's light. I then would run down the hallway and into a bedroom and put the light up under my chin. As soon as he would come in that room with his light I would jump at him and say raaawwwrrr haha he laughs every time and says "Gotch You"!!! haha makes me laugh just typing this. 

So thankful for this time I have to spend with Wesley. He is truly growing up so fast! I know I will look back someday at these times and think gosh where did the time go? So I am definitely soaking it up and taking LOTS of pictures! :)


  1. yes you are right about the freezer thing. you must have wore them out enought he first time. it always works for us.

    jessica bowers

  2. Haha! That's so cute! I remember putting them in the freezer...they seemed to last a few days if you did that.