Friday, July 20, 2012


Ok another wonderful Pinterest find!!! haha I made Oatmeal cookies tonight and finished off the oats and was about to throw away the container when I remembered a crafty thing I saw on Pinterest! Its SO easy to make and takes like 10 minutes tops!

1. Strip the container of the wrapping so you are left with just the cardboard. I had already spray painted the lid before I thought to take a picture so oops! :)

2. Take a sponge brush and cover a section of the oat container in mod podge-my favorite crafting item.  Once you have a good section covered, place whatever paper you have decided to use on top of the glue section. I used tissue paper just because its thinner and molds easier to the round container vs. a thick paper. 

3. Once you have your container completely covered in one layer of the paper, reapply a second coat of mod podge and paper if necessary. I applied two coats of both just because the tissue paper is thin and the second layer allowed me to cover up little sections the first layer missed. The thing I like most about using the tissue paper is that it gets a "crinkle affect" that I really prefer over a smooth surface! 

4. Let it dry COMPLETELY. Tissue paper is super thin so it will move and rip very easily if you put the headbands on too quickly...learned that the hard way! But...the good thing about mod podge is that you can just apply layer after layer and it just adds character the more you add! :) 

The finished project! :) 

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