Thursday, June 21, 2012

"Hey good lookin...whatcha got cookin"

Several times during the month I get in what my husband refers to as, "a baking mood". <--to which he does NOT complain! I don't know what it is about baking/cooking for me...I find it fun and challenging! I love trying new recipes, sometimes they aren't as good as they seem they might be. However, lately they've all been a huge hit!

I'm not sure when I heard about this website, Pinterest, but I am EVER thankful for it. If you are not a member you are truly missing out. Several of the recipes I've been trying lately have come from it.

For example...
Today I made my husband avocado eggs. Here is the recipe: Avocado Eggs Since I am allergic to eggs I wasn't able to try them...but my husband said they were "exceptionally tasty" And SO easy to make!

Another huge hit are Pina Colada Cupcakes! I made them for my bday girls night and being that I cannot have eggs the recipe is PERFECT for me because it does not call for eggs. The girls couldn't even tell a difference! :)

My most recent (just took it out of the oven to cool) recipe is a double layer Chocolate Cake! My husband is a chocolate freak and would eat it everyday! I think what I like most about this cake is that its from scratch! No box cake needed! These types of recipes are the most fun for me-challenging-but fun! I say challenging because with most recipes it calls for some type of dairy or eggs! Well since I cannot eat that, I have to tweak the recipe or add substitutes so I can have it!

All of this to say...if you like to cook/bake as much as I do...JOIN Pinterest!!! All of the above recipes are from the website. Its chalk full of well as cool DIY projects, outfit ideas, hilarious quotes, and SO much more!!! If you need help figuring it out or want me to send you an invite, let me know!!


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  1. Those cupcakes were the BOMB!!!!! And that's saying alot since I made myself sick on Pina Colada cupcakes when I was prego!! LOL! I need to get back into baking, but being that I like to eat it, maybe not! But I sure do love Pinterest...:)