Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Linus aka Wesley and his blanket

Earlier this week James had mentioned to me that Wesley liked to watch Charlie Brown. Well tonight I was trying to get some stuff done on the computer and Wesley kept coming over to me for attention. So I resorted to the TV which I'm sure all moms have done at one point or another. I searched On Demand for Charlie Brown! Well the first one I saw was about Linus trying to give up his blanket. Wesley has a blanket and HAS to have it when he sleeps...but its basically an out of sight out of mind type thing-which I think is great!
The story goes that Linus is trying to give up his blanket before his Grandmother arrives for Christmas because he's embarrassed and doesn't want Grandma to know he still needs it! He gives it to Lucy to hide until after Grandma leaves! Now I have to point out during this time Wesley is looking around-for what I can only assume is his blanket, which was in the dryer! I saw him doing this so I went and got his blanket out of the dryer and handed it to him...he snuggled it and then let it fall to the ground-still holding on to it though. The story continues (after commercial break) with Lucy flying a "kite". Linus comes up to her and says, hey Lucy, she turns and accidentally lets the "kite" go...Linus says, that kite looked a lot like my blanket, she says, oh because it was...then the screen pans out and you see the blanket flying away. As soon as Wesley saw the blanket flying away he immediately threw his blanket on the floor and shouted at the tv NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! haha I seriously laughed SO hard!! The story continues opening with Linus in his bed and Charlie Brown next to him. Linus says "how will I ever sleep with out my blanket Charlie Brown?" Charlie tells him that the first night will be the hardest and Linus tells him how sad he is that he can't sleep with his blanket. Wesley walked up to the TV with his blanket and held it up to the tv as if he were giving Linus HIS blanket!! Sweetest thing...so I went from laughing so hard I cried, to being touched by Wesley's tenderness to share his blanket!

Man what a great kid I have... :)