Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Florida 2011

So I survived my first vacation by myself! haha I had no problem connecting to my second flight. The gate was 10 gates down so no biggie...even had time to grab a bite to eat at the TGIF's! I arrived in Tampa at midnight their time! I cannot even tell you how excited I was to see my cousin! When you are so used to seeing someone every day for like 20 years its hard to go 2 years without seeing them!!

Tequila loves toothpaste!

Sunday we drove for about 2 hours down to Siesta Key. The beaches were GORGEOUS!! The sand is white and shiny like sugar and feels as soft as flour! We spent the day on the beach, going into little shops, and eating yummy food!

Monday we went to the causeway in Tarpon Springs. This was cool to me cuz you just park on the side of the road and lay your towel out and sunbathe and then walk like 5 steps down to the ocean...lol and get bit by a fish! haha the fish for some reason in this area liked to bite me!! Later that night we got all dressed up and went to Club Venue! It was SUPER fun...if you're a fan of Jersey Shore...DJ Pauly D goes there every once in a while to DJ-bummed we missed him by 1 week!!!

Tuesday we spent the day at Honeymoon Island! The beach was as gorgeous as ever! We were out there for quite awhile...just sunbathing and talking about life. It really made me miss having my cousin close by to just talk about anything and everything! Later that night we went out for Sushi...yummm I love sushi!

Wednesday was spent in Clearwater. The beach was just that...clear! The water is so beautiful and the beach is white as sugar! The town is really cute too! Lots of shops and beautiful hotels! Our trend seemed to be beach in the morning, come home shower, and then go back out! That night we went to the "Sponge Docks" it was really cool. People go out to the ocean and harvest sponges and then sell them! Sponges everywhere and homemade soaps to go with them! Lots of litle shops filled with anything you can imagine...even puffer fish!! haha After the Sponge Docks and yummy Greek food, we decided to go to the movies! Went in and the weather was normal...came out and it had apparently poured down rain while we were inside!! haha I guess thats Florida for ya!

Thursday was SUCH a relaxing day! I treated Amber and I to a spa day! Got mani and pedis followed by a relaxing massage! The spa was so pretty!!! Afterwards we walked around the mall, bought a couple of things, and then went to dinner! SIGH...loved this day!

Friday was spent back at Clearwater beach...couldn't get enough of it! Oh and driving home we saw Hulk Hogan! haha We visited Greg-my cousin's husband-at his work. He's in the coastguard so that was cool to see the HUGE planes he works on!! Next stop...atomic tattoo!! Yep, thats right...I am now the proud owner of a tattoo!! haha Never in a million years would I have thought I would have one. But over the past couple of years I've thought about getting one but just never really knew what I wanted or where I wanted it. I got the inititals HMS. Heart, Mind, and Soul. This is something that my husband and I have always said to each other...that we loved each other with our heart mind and soul-hms for short! I am SO happy with the results and my hubby likes it too! We ended the night by going to Indian Rocks Beach to spend some time with Greg and Ambers friends! So glad to have met some really cool people!

Tequila--she loved me and I love her!

Saturday-my last day was just spent relaxing. We went back to the sponge docks and I bought a couple of things for family. Then we ate lunch at a place with a SUPER rude waiteress...no tip for her! Then a little bit more shopping and ended the day with ordering Pizza and watching a movie!

Sunday I had to wake up at the butt crack of dawn to catch my 6:40 flight...but it got me in to Sac by 11am...so I was happy about that. Even more happy when I came down the escalator and saw my sweet Wesley AND my tricky Husband!! He was supposed to be working that day but switched with a different day! So that was SO nice to be welcomed home by my two boys!

All in all...the trip was SO much fun! It was non stop fun! I miss my cousin and Florida a lot already. If my family could move I would move us all over there in a heartbeat! I love it! =)

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  1. Thank you for the post and pictures!! Was wondering how your trip was. Glad you had such a great time. You are SOOOOOOOOOO too cute!!!