Friday, June 10, 2011

Catch ya on the flip side..

So it has finally come....I'm leavin on a jet plane!!! I will be flying to Florida tomorrow to spend a week with my cousin!!! I am extremely excited and extremely nervous at the same time! haha  I've never flown by myself so I'm kinda freaking out about it! Not so much the plane ride-I'm totally fine with that! Its the plane change that scares me!! I have a 1 HOUR window to get to my connecting flight. I am not even going to attempt to find the gate myself. As soon as I get off the plane I will be asking the flight attendent where the gate is located and I pray to GOD that its not clear on the other side of the airport! haha Pray for me if ya think about it! =)

I am so excited to spend some much needed time with my cousin Amber. We have always been super close-growing up down the street from each other made this very easy! So I cannot wait to laugh at all our inside jokes together and make even more memories with her!

I'll be gone June expect to get a blog update with LOTS of pics when I get back!!!

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  1. Are you taking Wesley with you? Either way, I'm so happy for you to have this opportunity to get away and have some fun. I'm itching to get away too!