Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monday Nights

"Children will not remember you for the material things you provided,
 but for the feeling that you cherished them"
--Richard L. Evans

Being a child once myself, I know this quote to be true. I do not remember all the material things my parents bought for me-sorry mom and dad! However, what I DO remember is how loved and cherished I was! That is something you cannot put a price on. Knowing this, it has been and will forever be my goal, as a mother, that Wesley know how loved and cherished he really is. I look forward to every Monday night so I can do just that...love on him and cherish OUR time together.

Every monday night my husband teaches a greek course from 7-10; which means its just me and bub--a nickname that has seemed to stick over the past couple of months. We usually do the same thing every Monday. Eat dinner, then either go for a walk or play (weather permitting), then head to the grocery store.
I know going to the grocery store is not a very exciting event to most...but to Wesley its the highlight of his day! He absolutely loves it!!! As soon as we walk in he gets this smile on his face as if he says "yay we're back!!!" He loves riding in the cart and we play this game where I push the cart away from me and say "Wesley where are you going?" and then I run up to the cart and he just laughs and laughs-thinks its the greatest thing...as do the rest of the shoppers! haha After grocery shopping we come home and he "helps" me put the food away. I say "help" because it consists of him pulling things out of the bag and taking laps around the kitchen with it! haha but eventually he brings it over and I help him put it away. Then from there its bathtime! Wesley would stay in the bathtub for hours if I let him-kid's gonna be a fish just like his mama! Then its jammies and night night.

Most people hate Mondays...I hate MonDAYS but absolutely love Monday nights. I love having Wesley all to myself. I also love Monday nights because after I put him to bed it allows me to have some "me" time. I think it is extremely healthy for us moms to have that time. It allows us to recharge and put ourselves first-something that is important every once in awhile...otherwise we would get completely burned out!...at least I would!

Thank you Lord for Monday Nights! =)


  1. Love this blog!!! You truly look like a happy momma and he looks like a happy kid! It's a good reminder for me to look at my days differently...I actually love Monday nights too, but for a different reason! So happy for you and your "bub time" too cute...

  2. Loved, loved, loved the picture of the two of you at the end!!! You are both soooooooo cute!! Glad you have that time together and time for yourself. You deserve it! You are a great moma!!! Love you!! Julie

  3. Thanks Jen...so blessed to have a happy kid! :)
    Awe Julie--thank you! I miss ya...we tried to find you on Easter Sunday at church..but no such luck! Next time we're in town we should get together! :)