Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Catch up and Ketchup!

"If evolution is really true, how come Mother's only have two hands?"
--Milton Berle

Ok so obviously I have not updated my blog in FOREVER!!! So sorry about that, but things have been quite busy/new/hectic/fun/overwhelming/ just to name a few!

Anyways, we are all adjusting quite well to the new lifestyle change. My last blog post was about the decision to quit my job and the overwhelmingness-is that a word?-that all of that involved! I can honestly say that it was one of the best decisions we have ever made! I found a part time job, if you want to call it part time...I clean office buildings in the evenings 3 days a week. I currently have 3 accounts; A real estate office that I clean on Mondays; a bank that I clean MWF; and a KinderCare facility that I clean MWF! It took a while to adjust to the time frame...but now that I've been doing this for a little over 2 months I have it down pretty good. Mondays take the longest obviously since I do all 3 accounts..but even at that the longest I'm out is from about 4-8:30! Not too shabby! :) I am very grateful for the income this job provides, however, I look forward to the day my income will no longer be necessary! :)

Now that the "catch up" has been updated, on to more exciting things! lol

Being able to spend all day with Wesley has been such a privilege that I am SO grateful for! It has been fun watching him learn and grow and watching him discover new things. The end of our summer was spent going to parks and water features around town. He is OBSESSED with water. One day I was sitting at the computer going through emails when I heard water splashing. Thought to myself, "hmmm I know the dogs water bowl is up, how can he be splashing in water?" Got up to see what he was getting in to...turns out a glass of water had been left on the end table from the night before and he was sitting on the couch with the cup between his legs HAND INSIDE THE GLASS splashing in it!!! hahaha welcome to being a stay at home mom I told myself! 

One thing that I was excited about being home for was watching him go through the Milestones-and the mini Milestones as well. About a week ago, Wesley decided 'I don't want to eat anything while I'm sitting in my highchair!' So just out of curiosity I put him in one of our kitchen table chairs, that he ALWAYS wants to climb in to, to see if he would eat! Sure enough he ate EVERYTHING...even though it wasn't covered in ketchup lol! So...with that said, last night I purchased a booster seat for him as well as a big boy sippy cup! He has 2 sippy cups, the straw kind as well as the regular water bottle type! Well they both leak and I was tired of cleaning water spots off the couches! So far he's doing pretty good with the new cup...took him awhile to realize he had to suck pretty hard to get the water out, unlike the water bottle type where it just pours out! 
He decided his hat was necessary while eating dinner haha

All of this to say...after I put him to bed last night it hit me....HE'S GROWING TOO FAST!!!!! I know its cliche but its so true...time flies!!!! But I am loving this new stage in his life where he's learning words and learning how to express himself...haha and I'm learning how to understand his new found "language"! 

Thank you to all of you who prayed for us during the transition...they were definitely felt and appreciated! 


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  2. I've missed you! So glad to see your catch up post. Glad you can be home with Wesley. I'm doing some housecleaning jobs - hard work but good money. Love you, Lindsay!